Wine Tasting

Sip your way through Italy!

Nothing pairs better with Italian food than wine, which is why Festa is excited to once again offer wine tastings featuring the most famous and sought-after wines from around the world. This year, we’ll be offering specialty wines from LoDuca Brothers, Inc. and Corvina Wine Company.


Wines by LoDuca

Enjoy the bold and hearty flavors of Italian wine courtesy of LoDuca Brothers. LoDuca is excited to welcome famous Italian oenologyist winemaker Regolo Medici to its LoDuca Wine Bar as a featured lecturer. Medici will explore the process of making his special blend of Lambrusco wine, which is imported and sold throughout the U.S. by LoDuca – and available at Festa Italiana! LoDuca will have two locations at Festa Italiana – one along the northern lagoon lakefront and another outside the Cucina Showcase.


LoDuca Wine List 2018


Lo Duca Lambrusco, Emelia Romagna

Chianti, Tuscany

Bosco Montepulciano, Abrruzzo

Lo Duca Pinot Noir, Veneto

Rock Ripasso Valpolcella, Veneto

Amarone, Veneto



Lo Duca Mamertino, Emelia Romagna

Lo Duca Pinot Grigio, Veneto

Chardonnay, California

Lo Duca Prosecco, Veneto

Lo Duca Moscato D’ Asti, Piedmont



Malbec Rose’, Argentina


Wine Coolers

Lo Duca Red Lambrusco over ice

Lo Duca White Malvasia Dolce over ice



Aperol Spritz, Verona



Brut Spumante, Piedmont

Lo Duca Chianti, California

Nero D Avola, Sicily

Pan Big Red Blend, Abbruzzo

Barolo Piedmont


Wines by Corvina

During Festa Italiana 2016, Corvina Wine Company, a unique, local wine source, will explore a variety of specialty Italiana wines ranging from Tuscany to Sicily, from Puglia to Piemonte, and everything in between. At the two wine bar booths – one along the southern lagoon lakefront and another adjacent to the T.J. Bartolotta Sports Court – Corvina will feature classics like Pinot Grigio; some lesser know Italian wines, such as Negromaro from Puglia, Italy; a number of Sicilian wines; and a new wine-based Italian cocktail. If you can’t decide on just one, you can also take a tour of Italy with one of the Corvina wine flights.


Corvina Wine List 2017

Santome Prosecco – Veneto

Montefresco Pinot Grigio – Veneto

Fuso 21Verdicchio – Marche

Tintero Moscato – Piemonte

Salcheto Chianti (Sangiovese) – Tuscany

Montefresco Montepulciano – Abruzzo

Antico Fuoco Rosso Valpolicella Red Blend – Veneto

Colobera Nebbiolo- Piemonte

Gemma Rubia Lambrusco  – Emilia Romagna


Wine Flights

White Fight Santome Prosecco/Montefresco Pinot Grigio/Fuso Verdicchio

Red Flight Salcheto Chianti/Montefresco Montepulciano/Antico Fuoco Rosso


With such a diversity of full-bodied and satisfying wines, Corvina is sure to accommodate and delight all palates!


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