Copa Festa Italiana Futsal Tournament July 21st

Thank you to Nomad World Pub for sponsoring our 2018 tournament!


FC Palermo, a team coached by Sal Carini and sponsored by Papa Luigi’s, captured its fourth consecutive futsal championship on July 21 at Festa Italiana. In the title match, FC Palermo scored an 8-3 win over the Milwaukee Sporting Club. The action throughout the playoff tournament was fierce and action-packed. If you turned away for a second, you probably missed an incredible feat of athleticism. Several of the players on the eight teams that participated in the tourney have professional experience on both the national and international level, said Futsal Manager Mike Palmisano. As mentioned in the headline, the championship was the fifth overall for FC Palermo. Before having a futsal tournament, five years ago Festa hosted a soccer tournament, which FC Palermo won! Sal Carini (kneeling in the black and white shirt on the far right) has coached all five champion teams and Sal Purpora of Papa Luigi’s (standing on the left in the black shirt and jeans) has been the team sponsor. 





Will FC Palermo be the champion five years in a row in 2018? Join us at Festa Italiana 2018 to find out!


Do you want to play in the 2018 tournament?


Matches will be Saturday, July 21 from Noon – 7 PM.  1st place prize is $250; 2nd place prize is $100; 3rd place prize is $50. Please fill out the attached form and send to Mike Palmisano at to register your team!


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